FEB 2015 

Hey VORians,

We regret to inform you that Dave Mitchell has left the band due to various personal obligations.  We appreciate and enjoyed our time of rawk with him.  Good luck Dave!  

We have reconnected with an old friend of Reese and Brett who happens to rip on guitar.  Mark Johnson has joined the band and fits perfectly with our sound and style.  His debut will be in May 2015.  Please welcome Mark!!

We will be looking to have a proper national release of "The Day After Never" in the coming months.  Thanks for sticking with us all these years!!

AUG 2013 

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give an update on all things VOR.  We are sad to say that VOR and Will Jones have parted ways.  We wish him well and had a blast rawking with him for the past four years.  He will be focusing his future on family and his new little girl!

We are pleased to announce that Reese Martin has officially joined VOR as our lead vocalist!!  We are huge fans of his voice and he is one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet.

In addition, we are also stoked to reveal that we are adding Dave Mitchell on guitar.  

The future looks bright for VOR 2.0!!!

June 2013 

 As of June 2013, VOR is currently "under construction".  Due to a desire to focus on his health and family, Dan Scott has officially retired from VOR.  We wish him the best of luck and as always, he will be our brother in rawk.  Due to numerous unforseen events, VOR was forced to withdraw from the Pathfinder Metalfest VI.  We are truly sorry about this turn of events, but as always, we will be back once things settle down in the VOR camp.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support this event and buy a ticket through Ticket Alternative...without fan support of these local events, Pathfinder Promotions will not be able to continue putting them on.  It will be an amazing show and we will be there to support any way we can!

Some of you may be still wondering about the third VOR release and its progress.  Unfortunately, it is at a standstill until we can get back on our feet, musically and healthwise.  Please bear with us and know that we appreciate each and every one of you and your support.

Love, VOR

State of the Rawk address 2013 

 Hey VORians,

Just wanted to let you know we are still here and still keeping the metal alive as best we can while Dan is laying low.  He is still on the living and deceased donor lists for a kidney.  He is hoping to be able to stay off dialysis by continuing his hardcore health regimen.  Dan has given us the go ahead to get out and keep playing with other vocalists but we are still hoping for a fast recovery for him so we can get him back to the stage.  We are currently jamming with guest vocalists as we try to keep our chops up with hopes to play some shows starting in the Spring.  Special thanks to all who have sung or are about to sing with us.  We truly appreciate your help in keeping the VOR dream alive!  The third album is currently on hold with about 60-70% complete. We don't know when we will get back to it, but lets hope and pray for his quick recovery.  Thanks everyone for not forgetting about us...we promise to see you again soon.


VOR III 2012 

Happy New Year VORians!!  We are still hard at work on our 3rd album and are excited about the shows we have planned for the new year.  We have 4 songs almost complete and three more in the works.  Some you have heard live, some you have not.  "Sticks and Stones", "As I Lie Still", "Electric Sky" and "Second Skin" are the newest VOR hits.  We will release some additional song titles soon!!  We are determined to make this the VORiest album to date!  See you all soon!


We are hard at work on our third release at DSP studios!!!  Tracking has been going extremely well and the music is crushing!!!  If you thought the last two CDs were good...you have no idea...the new songs are heavier and proggier, yet still true to the VOR melodic style.  We cannot wait to release it!!!  We are probably looking at an April/May time frame for release and we have some interesting things in the works!  Stay tuned for some big announcements...

Throw up some VORns! 

Welcome to the new VOR blog!  VOR is currently writing and recording new material for our third release!  You may have already heard the new track "Sticks and Stones" at our headlining show at the Midsummer Metal Meltdown 2011 sponsored by Pathfinder Promotions or maybe even at our show in North Carolina at the All-In-One Venue...  We are putting it back in the vault until the Fall when we hope to present more new RAWK!  Dan just laid down some of his best vocals ever for another new track titled, "As I Lie Still".  Can't wait for you all to hear it!

After sending our CD to Project 9-6-1 Homegrown, Knox contacted us and said he loved the tunes and wanted to have us in the studio for an interview. We were featured on the radio during the week of June 8th.  Each night they aired a different song from our CD.  Our trip to the Project 96.1 studio was a blast and we were all excited to meet Knox and discuss the CD as well as other topics.  We were also featured on the Project Homegrown website and played a Project 9-6-1 show to a capacity crowd at Sweetwater LIVE on June 13th.  
VOR Interview with Knox at Project 96.1



Rob recently made contact with Alvin at HALO guitars and they agreed to a 1 year endorsement deal!  Halo guitars are each custom made to order and manufactured in California.  Very soon you should be seeing Rob and Will rockin' the stage with their new axes!